Canoe Rental

Why not give kayaking a try! Experience Vancouver from a different side with a rental from Kayak Vancouver. Whether you go kayaking for one hour or for the day Kayak Vancouver guarantees you will love every minute of your kayaking adventure out on the Vancouver waters.

All kayak renters are required to wear a PFD (life jacket) while in the kayak or canoe. At Kayak Vancouver your safety is our priority so before you leave the dock in your kayak you must first consider your personal limits, like how long you are going to kayak for and how long do you want to be out on the Vancouver waters for. Kayak Vancouver wants you to be safe at all time so while out in your kayak make sure you stick to your comfort zone.

Kayak Vancouver requires all renters to provide government issued id and a credit card as a deposit. Kayak Vancouver provides everything you need to kayak but there are some stuff you might need to bring with you, so check out our Kayak Rental Equipment page for more information. Rental Equipment >>

While Kayak Vancouver does not require a reservation we do recommend a kayak reservation if you have a large group to avoid disappointment.

Kayak Rental In Vancouver
Kayak Rental In Vancouver

At Kayak Vancouver your reservation time starts at the time booked. PLease arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation so we at Kayak Vancouver can get you in your kayak and out on the Vancouver water on time. During the summer months Kayak Vancouver is extremely busy so punctuality is a must. Kayak Vancouver has someone waiting for your kayak as soon as you return.

Kayak Vancouver offers short and long term rentals. Contact Kayak Vancouver at to reserve your kayak today!